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Highest quality and efficacy products for agriculture, food and ethanol industries

BIOSOL are silage inoculants to produce good quality and high energy silage.

BIOSOL silage inoculants have a specific action modes and are suitable to produce silage prepared under different weather conditions and from different green masses. Silage inoculants are used to:

  • produce silage of good quality and high energy value;
  • reduce the loss of dry matter in it;
  • prevent and eliminate the development of unwanted microflora (silage heating and mildew);
  • save the energy value of green mass;
  • ensure the smooth running and stability of the secondary fermentation.


The obtained good quality silage with BIOSOL will be an effective investment for you because of several reasons - you will:

  • preserve the higher nutritional and energy values of produced silage;
  • maintain the required ratio of lactic and acetic acids in the final silage;
  • make a well-eaten and digestible silage for your cows;
  • achieve higher productivity and health performance of your cows.

With BIOSOL silage preservatives even good silage will get better!